Appraisals and Valuation

The  Assessments of the Palácio do Correio Velho  can respond to different needs, such as:

  • Auction estimates (Free Trial)
  • Heritage update
  • Safe
  • Share
  • Loan guarantee

Get access to the Valuation Form

How To Sell

Live Online Auction/Online Auction

1. Visit our website at, access “Services”, and then click on “Valuation Form”. Fill in the form and attach the art pieces photographs (full images and details).
2. Wait for the evaluation and response of our specialists who will send you a contract in our Terms&Conditions and a proposal of:

-Estimates (min. and max.)
-Auction category (Online or Live)

3. If you want to proceed with the sale, please sign the contract with the agreed sales conditions and send it back to us.
4. We will book with you the best way for the piece to reach us.

What happens to the work of art after the auction?

If sold:

1. After the success of your sale you will receive a sales note.
2. 30 days after the auction is completed you will receive your payment.

If not sold:

1. You will receive a new proposal to put it back on sale.
2. If you do not accept, you must pick up your piece within the next 8 working days. After passing those 8 days you may incur storage costs.