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Art Market and Collecting Postgraduate Course

The postgraduate course in “Art Market and Collecting” aims to produce, systematize and disseminate the best theoretical and practical knowledge in this scientific field. It is a very active sector, creating jobs and wealth in full expansion. The course aims to provide students with adequate tools to enter the sphere of art galleries, auction houses, antiquariate, the management of public or private art collections, museums, centers and art exhibition spaces or to pursue advanced research. The professionals of the area also find in this post-graduation a space for reflection and problematization of their practices, with pertinent theoretical updating.

The post-graduation promotes studies of advanced formation with a structure that crosses three fundamental areas: the history of art and the culture of collecting; the functioning of the portuguese and global art and collection market; and policies for law and ethics from the perspective of art economics. The course has a theoretical-practical orientation and a professional component, as a result of the established partnerships (the auctioneer Palácio do Correio Velho, where some sessions will take place, and the National Museum of Ancient Art that houses and displays the most relevant public collection of portuguese art ).

The course brings together a wide panel of teachers, researchers and national and international experts, provides workshops and a study visit to London.

This new postgraduate course in “Art Market and Collecting” is offered by the Art History Institute , in close collaboration with the Art History Department , and benefits from the participation of important partners, the auctioneer Palácio do Correio Velho and the National Museum of Ancient Art.

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Pós-Graduação Mercado da Arte e Colecionismo