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Usage and registration in Palácio do Correio Velho’s website assumes consent to this Privacy Policy. The guarantee of the confidentiality of our clients’ data is central to us. Hence, all information collected will be used to help you and make your visit to our site as productive and as pleasant as possible.

Our website automatically collects data on your computer (e.g. the browser you are using) and your internet connection (e.g. your IP) with the objective of gaining insight into the number of users that visit our site and of profiling. This information is collected for statistical purposes and does not consist in personal identification.

Palácio do Correio Velho respects and values the privacy of its clients, staff, partners, providers and other Data Subjects it relates to and has, since its establishment, worked to protect their Personal Data.

Data transmission is done using the best security practices and technologies in electronic commerce. Indeed, it is perfectly safe to pay for goods and services on our website, since a secure connection, which encrypts all the data related to your VISA or MASTERCARD credit card, is established.



  1. 1.     What personal data does Palácio do Correio Velho, S.A. (PCV) process?

PCV will request, process and store, as mandatory personal data for usage of its services, the following data points: your name, address, e-mail, phone numbers and tax number.

These data points will be used in marketing actions (physical and electronic promotional correspondence) or simply for billing and contractual purposes.

No data subject’s credit card information is stored.

  1. 2.     How does data collection take place?

The collection of the data subject’s personal data may happen in one of the following ways: after the data subject fills in a client information sheet at PCV’s headquarters; through signing up for an account in PCV’s website; through issuing requests at said website; through reporting a post-sale problem; when presenting a complaint; through information provided when reporting a problem in our website; through information provided by the client, as a data subject, when shopping with the intent to import, such as name, address, tax number and Passport;

  1. 3.     Who is responsible for the processing of the data subject’s personal data?

The Data Controller responsible for the processing of the data subject’s personal data, according to the latest legislation is Palácio do Correio Velho-Leilões e Antiguidades S.A., VAT number 502097507 with headquarters and tax adress in Calçada do Combro, 38 A – 1º - 1200-114 Lisboa and with the following contact email .

  1. 4.     How is data collected by PCV stored?

PCV collects data subjects details in order to keep a record of their orders and/or instructions in digital, magnetic and/or original written document form.

  1. 5.     Who has access to the data subject’s personal data?

Authorized external staff and consultants, acting as data processors (e.g. client support technicians, system management professionals, IT personnel with authorized access to the data, system administrators and/or data subcontractors), as well as PCV’s own consultants and staff, from its various departments: Commercial, Financial, Administrative, Accounting and any other relevant department, acting as authorized data processors.

  1. 6.     Why does Palácio do Correio Velho need the data subject’s personal data?

PCV uses the data subject’s personal data to manage orders, provide goods and services, process payments in person and online in all their possible forms, transmit orders, goods and services; satisfy the data subject’s requests, namely those relating to the Right to Access and the Right to be Forgotten; to send the data subject products and services they acquired in person or online at an auction held by PCV; to send the data subject information relating to auctions and services provided by PCV as well as sale and post-sale assistance; to allow the data subject to sign up and login to PCV’s website; to provide services available through said website (namely those relating to the signup process, access to the data subject’s account and its management); technical management of the PCV website and its operational functions (including logistic ones), namely troubleshooting, statistical analysis, testing and research; to detect and disallow fraudulent activity or abusive use of PCV’s website that may harm the website’s functionality or constitute a threat to the security and safety of the transactions carried within it; to comply by the normative requirements present in regulations and protocols, as well as national and European legislation; to execute the decisions of public authorities; to protect the safety and/or security of another individual; to be used as evidence in court proceedings or other proceedings carried other by public authorities PCV is obliged to respond to; to present offers; to send promotional and commercial communications, namely in the form of periodic updates through electronic messages, phone, SMS or MMS messages, postal contact, social networks and informative bulletin, related to auctions and other offers; to send communications about events carried out by PCV or with PCV’s collaboration; to create statistical analyses, inquiries or market studies through postal, telephonic or electronic contact, related to PCV’s commercial activities.

  1. 7.     To what entities does Palácio do Correio Velho transmit the data subject’s data?

PCV only uses the data subject’s personal data for internal treatment. PCV uses the data subject’s personal data to issue invoices with the data subject’s tax number present, transmitting it, when necessary to the national Tributary Authority.

  1. 8.     For how long does Palácio do Correio Velho keep the data subject’s personal data?

If the data subject withdraws their consent, PCV promises to eliminate their personal data within 1 (one) month of the withdrawal of consent.

PCV will keep transnational data (after withdrawal of consent) for 10 (ten) years, as is requested by law.

The data subject can at any time, withdraw their consent, through the following email: .

  1. 9.     What are the data subject’s rights and how can they exert them?

As a rule, the data subject has the following rights when it comes to the protection of their personal data: the right to access, the right to rectify, the right to be forgotten, the right to limit data processing, the right to data portability, the right to oppose and the right not to be subjected to automated processing and all other rights present on articles 16 and 21 of GDPR. To exert any of these rights, the data subject must contact PCV through the following email: .

The data subject may also exert their rights by coming in person to PCV’s headquarters and filling in the available form, connected to the rights they wish to exert or by writing to PCV.

PCV will carefully analyse every request, evaluating their legitimacy, pertinence and responding to it as soon as possible.

If need be, the data subject may also present a complaint to the Portuguese Data Protection Authority, the National Commission for Data Protection (NCDT).

1.10.  Data subjects under 18 (eighteen) years of age

PCV does not intend to collect data from data subjects aged less than 18 (eighteen). If and when a minor shows the intent to sign up to and participate in PCV’s commercial activities, they may only do so with clear consent from their Parents or Tutors, which must take place before any personal data is collected.

We call on Parents and Tutors to inform minors about the responsible and safe usage of their personal data when participating in online activities

1.11.  Security

Data subjects’ personal data will be stored in PCV’s GDPR compliant servers, at PCV headquarters, and/or in third party GDPR compliant dedicated data servers located in the EU.

       1.12.  Access to the Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy may the periodically altered and is available at PCV headquarters and at the PCV website, .

Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be published on PCV’s website and any major changes will be highlighted.


Reading this Privacy Policy does not exclude the data subject from the right to request further information, in compliance with article 15 of the GDPR.