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Appraisal and valuation for sale in Auction
If you intend to sell your pieces in an Auction at Palácio do Correio Velho
 you will have to request a Valuation of that same pieces. This is free and intends to estimate values for each piece to be subsequently presented in the auction. If you decide not to put your pieces up for Auction, after Valuation and before entering into the Auction Sales Agreement, Palácio do Correio Velho will charge the valuation service according to the Appraisal and Valuation Price List below.

Appraisal and Valuation Price List
Antiques, Modern and Contemporary Art, Jewellery and Books: 2.50% + VAT
Coins: 4.00% + VAT
Collecting and Wine: 5.00% + VAT
Depending on the location of the piece to be valuated, there may be the need to present a quotation for assessors travel and stay.

Auction Sale Agreement

After the Appraisal and Valuation made by our specialists, Palácio do Correio Velho will enter into an Auction Sale Agreement with each client, which will include individually negotiated terms (estimate prices, reserve prices, commissions, etc.) and the Negotiating Terms of Palácio do Correio Velho.

After the Auction
After the Auction, the seller will receive the Sales Invoice concerning the sold lots and the net amount to receive at his/her address or e-mail address.
Payment will be made 30 days after the last auction session, according to the Negotiating Terms of Palácio do Correio Velho.

Unsold Lots
The seller must decide, within a period of 10 days, if he/she intends the unsold lots to be presented again in a future auction, under terms to be agreed with Palácio do Correio Velho, or if he/she intends to get them back. When this last choice is the option, the seller must provide its collection in a maximum period of 25 days, after which storage fees will be applied, according to the price list in force.

The information on this page does not exempt the consultation of the Negotiating Terms.