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Description: MODERN PORTUGUESE POETS. Set of eight (8) titles in 8 vols. brs., namely: 1 -FREIRE, Henrique Lima. THE BOY STOPPED. Poems. Coimbra, 1960. In-8th of 83 pages. Dedicated autograph by the author to João Gaspar Simões .; 2 - ANTUNES DA SILVA. THIS EARTH IS OURS. Poems. Lisbon, Bibliographic Center, 1952. In-8th of 43 pages. Unopened .; 3- MOTA, Mário. DOM ALENTEJO.Poems. Lisbon, Portugal, 1939. In-4th small. of 10- (5) pages. Reduced circulation of 300 copies .; 4 -SANTOS, Carlos Monteiro dos. SEQUENCE POEMS. With a drawing by Sá Nogueira. Lisbon, Europe-America Publications, 1958. In-8th of 37 pages. ; 5 -LACERDA, Alberto de. PALACE. Poems. Lisbon, Delfos, 1961. In-8th of 147 pages. ; 6 -SANTOS, Arquimedes da Silva. SAVED VOICE. Poems. Coimbra, Atlântida, 1958. In-8th of 75 pages. ; 7 -ROCHA, Wilson. SOLUTE TIME. Odes (1952-1962). Lisbon, 1963. In-8th of 28 pages. With a portrait of the author .; 8 - AZINHAL ABELHO. SOLIDÃO..AI DÃO..AI DÃO .. Poemas.Lisboa, Edições Ala-arriba, 1935. In-8º .With the illustrated cover. Valued by an original autograph block, by Azinhal Abêlho. Defects.

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