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Description: VITAL NUMISMATICS, Nestor Slice. Lot of eight (8) vols. In - 4th brs. namely: 1- PECÚNIAS, TESSERAS AND TIMBER CELLS. Lisbon, 1982; 2 - TRIBUTE TO JOAQUIM FERRARO VAZ. Lisbon, 1987 .; 3 - JOAQUIM FERRARO VAZ. The Friend, the Master and his work. Porto, 1992. Reprint of «Nummvs» magazine. With autograph dedication by the author. ; 4 - ACHEGAS FOR THE HISTORY OF THE NUMISMATIC CLUB IN PORTUGAL. Lisbon, 1978 - 1986. 5 vols. Copied copies, numbered, and offered only to members. There are nos. 22, 36, 11 (this valued by countless autograph signatures on the previous cover), 75 and 54, from a very limited edition distributed to the members present at the commemorative anniversary lunches of the Clube Numismatico de Portugal.

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